French and Francophone Studies

Media and Materials

Over 3000 films on DVD have been collected with help from the Sevaux family fund, French Studies, the Rockefeller library and private donors. The film collection is now housed in the Rockefeller Library and can be requested through the Rockefeller Library for pick up.
ELFE is an interactive program allowing learners of French to practice specific grammar skills. ELFE does not explain grammar, it merely checks your knowledge of grammar, while using basic vocabulary suitable for all levels. ELFE allows for fast review of grammar points and helps you study on your own on the web and still get feedback.
There are over 280 "bandes dessinées" and other graphic novels in the Francophone comic books at the Brown Library. Books are in the reserve collection at the Rockefeller Library.

More materials used in our courses can be found on the Brown Library French Studies subject page.